Case Studies

1) Here is an article in The Times in 2010 about an actual campaign of ours that came into the public domain because of an investigative journalist:






2)  A high ranking politician said something embarrassing that was picked up and published on wikileaks. It was syndicated and published on many different websites, and appeared at position one in Google.

We created new websites and youtube videos, and placed them on the front page. Within one week all the negative sites had fallen off the first page.

2015-02-03_1810_m1This same wikileaks material was also ranking for a different keyword.

It was initially at position 5, but after one week it fell to position 10 and then went into freefall going to below position 40 in the next few days.

2015-02-03_1811_m23) A large mining company in Asia had a negative article about them appearing on , and various industry websites.

The site (shown as the yellow line below) was at number one when searching for the client’s name. There it stayed constant for 12 days until it started to fall to position 6 after a few days, and then it fell in a haphazerd fashion over the next few days.

The light blue line shows a negative article on an industry site. This was initially at position 5. It went up a bit for a few days, then went into freefall after about 12 days.


4) A disgruntled ex boyfriend made some very nasty forum posts about a lady. These appeared at positions one and three for her name.

We created 25 social media profiles for her and got many of these ranked on page one.

Within a month page one was completely clear of any negative sites.



Every project is unique.  Every google search is unique. Google’s algorithem is changing all the time.

There is no typical job. Therefore the case studies above are not typical, and we never make any representations or guarantees about how long a job will take.

It is very hard to predict how long a job will take. Some are very fast like the jobs above, some are slower.

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