Reputation Management Experts is founded, owned and managed by Keith Griggs. He is your point of contact, and he has a team of first rate reputation management and SEO specialists working for him.

The bottom line is that you want results, and are probably not interested in his background.

However, people are sometimes curious, and you did click on this page.

So here goes.

He studied law and philosophy at Cambridge before training as a chartered accountant in a large City firm that merged into what is now Deloittes.

He then moved into industry and worked his way up the ladder, eventually becoming a chief financial officer.

He did find chartered accountancy a bit boring though, and his first love was always computers, and then the internet.

He started his internet business in 2001 while living in Sydney for a couple of years.

He quickly moved into internet marketing when he worked out how to move sites to the top of Google for competitive keywords.

Back in 2006 he owned 4,000 domains, but then Google changed their algorithm, and it became more effective to have a smaller number of large sites than a large number of small ones, so he adjusted his approach accordingly.

He started  taking on clients, and helping them with their SEO in 2009.

In 2010 he started specialising in reputation management.

Google changes its algorithm on a daily basis, so he is continually educating himself, and split testing new techniques. Google is playing a cat and mouse game with people who are trying to change the rankings. It is almost a black art, and if you are not on top of your game results will be slow and unimpressive.

He is featured in the international press from time to time (click for more info).

He lives in Broxbourne, which is in the Hertfordshire countryside, near the River Lea, just to the North of London. He specialises in Google.co.uk, but he takes on clients all over the world including U.A.E., Nigeria, USA, Cayman Islands, Switzerland, and India.

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