Reputation Management

We advise people and businesses how to best deal with a bad reputation.

 What happens if someone is trying to hurt you by publishing negative information on the internet?

This is unfortunately very common. Maybe it is an ex employee, customer or business associate. Or maybe it is a complete stranger. But nowadays people are realising how easy it is to make blog posts, or post negative reviews on review sites, that will often rank in Google for your name.It may distort the truth in an unpleasant way, or it may be completely untrue. Either way it may stay there for years unless you get help to push it off page one of Google.

What happens if the negative site is a news report publicising an event in the past like a court case that is damaging my reputation

It makes no difference if the site is totally true.  You have a right to privacy, and to use the internet to portray positive things about you rather than negative.

Who will see the negative sites?

A large number of potential business contacts, clients and customers will see them.

People use Google to look up someone’s name for two main reasons

  • To find out more about them and check if there is anything negative about them
  • Just as a glorified phone book, to find your website or contact information

What did Benjamin Franklin say about this?

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”

But we already have a marketing budget which has been allocated for advertising and other promotion.

Think again. Reputation management gives a  MUCH bigger return on investment than spending money on general marketing.

What can be done to help?

We devise a strategy to counter the negativity.

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